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Our Product

The Global Markets Trading Course covers 3 major market classes, Currencies, Shares and Cryptocurrencies. It is aimed at both beginners and intermediate traders. Our easy-to-learn strategies have stood the test of time.

Global Markets Course

We will teach you everything from the basics to advanced strategies on trading the 3 main markets available online. Once you have completed our training you will be able to confidently trade online. The strategies we teach work over a variety of markets and can be applied effectively to over 200 instruments.


All that is required is a trading device such as a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone and an internet connection. Once you have complete the course you can trade from virtually anywhere. Our trading mentors provide training to clients from all over the country and can assist in most of South Africa’s national languages.


When buying or selling shares for different companies you need a set of rules to determine the best time to buy and sell. You also require analysis tools and a trading platform that not only shows current trading data but also allows you to trade at the best possible rates.


With our years of experience in this market we have been able to develop an easy to learn strategy combined with the cheapest way to trade in South Africa. Once you have learned this method of trading you will be able to confidently navigate the stock markets and understand the ins and outs of trading.


Our strategy works on shares listed on the local JSE market as well as all major stock market listed companies on the globe. You will be able to analyse and trade the biggest companies in the world from the comfort of your home or office.

The Forex or Currency market is the biggest in the world with a trading volume of over 5 Trillion dollars every single day. Millions of people trade this market ever single day. This offers a great opportunity to profit from fluctuating price movements. The key is to know exactly when to buy and when to sell.


Our trading strategy for this market has been tested over 8 years and we have managed to get consistent gains over this period. We will teach you exactly how to trade this market exactly the way we do to maximize gains.  This market can also be traded from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


Once you have completed our course you will be confident in trading this market and taking advantage of the giant amounts of money that move through the currency market every single day.


If you have not yet taken advantage of the Bitcoin market now is the time. You would have heard many success stories surrounding this market. This market is responsible for creating many young overnight millionaires. Although the makeup  of this market is quite complex trading it is actually relatively simple and can be analysed like any other market.


The Bitcoin market is one of the youngest markets available.  We will show you a strategy where you are not required to spend hundreds of thousand on Bitcoin but still take advantage of this lucrative opportunity.


Get into this market while it is still hot. The Bitcoin market is still young and there are still many opportunities to take advantage of this growing market. Our strategy is the perfect way to start with Bitcoin.